Presentation of the CEIB

Biomaterials Interfacultary Centre

The "Centre Interfacultaire des Biomatériaux" (CEIB) or Biomaterials Interfacultary Center is a research and development facility leading multidisciplinary and integrated research activities in the field of biocompatible materials and polymers such as plastics, gelling agents, polysaccharides, proteins, silicates, hydroxyapatites and so on. These activities range from the first draft to the design of new biomaterials and their final industrial applications.

Within the University of Liège (ULiège), the CEIB gathers different knowledge, skills and equiment as it belongs to four faculties: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Sciences and Applied Sciences.

Our missions include:

  • Research in synergy with industries and public research centers.
  • Services such as material synthesis, 3D printing, characterisation, in vitro and ex vivo assays, feed and food formulation.
  • Education of graduate and master students as well as continuous education.
  • Consulting and advisory activities, collaboration projects.