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Centre Interfacultaire des Biomatériaux

The "Centre Interfacultaire des Biomatériaux" (CEIB) or Biomaterials Interfaculty Center has been founded in 2001. As an Interfaculty Research Unit (URI), it reports to the Administration Council of the University. Following the link, you can find the actual list of the board members of CEIB.

CEIB promotes multidisciplinary and integrated research activities in the field of biocompatible materials and polymers such as plastics, gelling agents, polysaccharides, proteins, silicates, hydroxyapatites. These activities range from the first draft to the design of new biomaterials and their final industrial applications.

Within the University of Liège (ULiège), the CEIB gathers different knowledge, skills and equiment as it belongs to four faculties: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Sciences and Applied Sciences.

Our missions include:

  • Research in synergy with industries and public research centers.
  • Services such as material synthesis, extrusion, characterisation, 3D printing, in vitro cytotoxicity, pharmaceutical and food formulation.
  • Education of graduate and master students as well as continuous education.
  • Consulting and advisory activities, collaboration projects.
Polymer synthesis

Research and development

The research disciplines cover the fields of material synthesis, processing and characterisation, as well as preclinical investigation such as in vitro and in vivo assays. Our main research topics combine drug immobilization both for pharmaceutical applications (e.g. improved drug absorption, sustained drug delivery, drug targeting), biomaterial functionalization and enhancement of tissue engineering.

Apart from our Director, who supervise research activities, every member has his own project. These projects are synergistic which means they benefit from knowledge and experience of our whole team. They are often part of a PhD thesis, an industrial or academic collaboration or are directly supported by CEIB.

Want to know more? See our active research projects!

Services and expertise

CEIB values partnership with industries and other academic units. It offers various expertise including but not limited to consulting, samples analysis, polymer synthesis or product development. CEIB has at its disposal a wide range of equipments and is able to perform chemical, mechanical and biocompatibility assays:

  • Particles size distribution and their zeta-potential
  • Quantitative and morphological analysis of images acquiered with light or electron microscopy
  • Material phases transisiton and thermogravimetric profile
  • Viscosity, rheological and static/dynamic mechanical propreties
  • Composition and stability by chromatography, FTIR or NMR techniques
  • In vitro cytotoxicity and hemocompatibility
  • Polymer synthesis, extrusion, 3D printing and surface functionalisation
Hemocompatibility assay
We value collaborations

Education and training

As an academic department, CEIB is also a training and education center for students and professionals. Every year, we regularly welcome local and foreign students or postdocs in the frame of internships. We also deliver lectures regarding biomaterials and their applications:

  • "Biocompatibility of implants and biomaterials" (25h)
  • "Biomaterials and living environment" (25h)
  • "Polymers for pharmaceutical applications" (15h)
  • "Xenobiotics and living cells" (15h)
  • "Biocompatibility of bone-integrated materials" (10h)

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